Temp PS3 setup


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hi all,

I am currently in between houses and want to setup my PS3 on my 19" monitor.

I have a HDMI > DVI adapter sorted but cant think of a way to get sound out of the PS3. Is there an optical in or analogue sound device I could buy that I can plug my headphones into?

thanks in adv!



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The only thing I can think of is if you have amplified PC speakers you could use those. What you would have to do is connect the bog standard AV cable that comes with the PS3 to it's AV multi out. You would then need a Y adapter with two female phono connections on one end and a female 3.5mm connection on the other. The 3.5mm cable from the speakers would go into the female connection and the two stereo audio phonos from the PS3 AV cable to the two female phonos on the Y cable. In theory that should work. A bit complicated I know.


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my brain hurts just reading that!! ill give it a go...although im tempted to wait.

Sorry but without having an amp and seperate speakers or some kind of sound system it's not really easy to get sound output from a console.

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