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Aug 27, 2002
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I am currently trying to find out what disks are causing problems out there so I can test out products with them to ensure that they work.

Please let me know if you have any problem disks and what the problem was. Newer titles that we may not know about are of special interest.

Many Thanks,
Hi Andy,

I have an Arcam DV88

Recent discs-

Lord of the Rings R1- layer change (chap 24) took ages then shortly afterwards stopped and returned to start.
Have since replayed these scenes and the "problem" seems to have improved, could have been a dirty disc?

Star Wars Phantom Menace R2-Sound dropouts at beginning of film as text is scrolling

That's about it

Is that any problem disc, or discs that are just a problem with Arcam players?
Hi again,

I am looking for any problem disks, not just ARCAM problems. Thanks for the feedback so far.

BMG's R0 UK disc of The Cult - Pure Cult video Anthology won't load. Neither would the replacement.

Once Upon A Time In America and The Name Of The Rose R0 discs (from won't load. Neither would 2 replacements of each.

Warners R1 The Swarm won't play past the layer change

Lions Gate Canadian R1 Dagon won't play past the layer change.

Universal R1 Silent Running SE won't play the extras from the menu, have to be accessed directly with the remote

Warners R1 Heaven and Earth SE won't play the extras from the menu, have to be accessed directly with the remote

All on a 1st generation (3 year old?) Wharfedale DVD750 that never had a firmware update.
R1:JFK - pictures errors (blocking) when playing the second layer.


PS. On the assumption that you work for ARCAM and we're all helping you with your work..... any chance we can be entered into a draw to win an ARCAM deck??? :D :D :D

Hey, its worth asking I figure. :rolleyes:

Have you tried the Matrix (r1 or r2?) this disc is supposed to cause problems with some dvd players.
Howdy Andy_Arcam,
Have a peek at the last few pages of the " Denon 2800 Artifact" thread, there's a list of problem discs by member MartinCo.
In particular, Seven R2 SE .
Exit wonds on Denon DVD 3000 wont recognise it as disk at all, but plays on Toshiba 200
The Jackal and Daylight DTS on Toshiba 200, will not find the DTS track, but plays on Denon DVD 2800.
Terminator 1 special edition is suposed to be a trouble disk, but i've not had problems with mine.
Hi Andy,

The only disk I've had a problem with since a firmware upgrade on my DV88 is Fawlty Towers Serires 1 R2 which suffers picture freezes and total piture break up and sound drop outs after the layer change.

Mind you My DV88 is currently with you at the moment having an LT drive upgrade. I did not realise how much I would miss it, can't wait to get it back :D

I'm stuck with just a PS2, which has far more compatability problems then the DV88, but it does play the F.T. disc.
Robocop Trilogy - Disk one does not play on some DVD players (Including Toshiba 100E...)

Ive had trouble with Nightmare on Elm St reg 2 box set it only got to 5 mins. On all 4 of my players.
Buffy season 1 disc 2 the 2nd episode reg 1 on the Samsung 511


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