Telewest / TV Drive wish list.


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While I am very happy with Telewest service, paying about £90 a month, there are a couple of things I would really like to see, so Telewest if you are watching

• RGB output whilst using HDMI

• Lower Broadband cost

• Better Infra Red sensor – probably an issue with the box, I have to point pretty accurately at the sensor.

• Quicker channel changing

• Ability to cancel current recordings instead of waiting for them to end to delete them.

• Access to the EPG whilst using Delay TV

• Sky’s HD Channels (I am sure they will come eventually)

• A website informing us of what the various patches they apply have fixed and what’s in the pipeline

I am sure there’s more but that would do me for starters.


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I would like to be able to connect the box to my pc so i can transfer recorded programmes to dvd or even store them on its hard drive


I think to gain more customers they need to offer the same as sky, I don't mean just channels (I know HD customer would like more), but the ease and speed of the service. A nicer remote would be good, but I expect that could only come with the introduction of a new box, so never!

Is the reason that the EPG runs slow compared to sky because of the processor(old), i.e. no matter how many code drops and firmware upgrades we have, only new boxes (like we all upgrade our own PCs every few years) will speed and improve things?

I get the feeling that the programmers aren't in the UK and it's just hardware and software from America???!? or am I wrong?



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One big wish or is it a theme?

  • enable network thernet port
  • enable usb/sata connections for adding external drive - so when you have a new box, youdont lose yoruhi-def recordings

Those are the other main gripes i have currently ain addition to those you mention


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I don't see the point in having a wish list, no-body from telewest is watching.

Murdock if you're reading this I'd like;
  • A lifetime subscription to Sky HD

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