Telewest to Sony900 problem


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Could someone advise, I have a problem on my friends setup with connecting a telewest cable box to a Sony900 DVD Recorder. I connected as follows
Telewest scart 1 to TV scart 1 - picture OK on TV
Sony900 scart 1 to TV - scart 2 - picture OK on TV
Telewest scart 2 to Sony scart 2 - problem - only black and white picture on sony when switched to L3.
Changed settings on Sony to composite, RGB etc and no change.
Changed scart lead (fully wired) on change.
The telewast box appears to only allow composite/rgb on tv output.
I have the same configuration on my Sony - Sky box and all works fine.
Any ideas? - Think it could be output problem from Telewast scart 2!
Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for the reply but when you say 'composite IIRC' does that mean that there are no settings on the Sony what will enable a colour picture because I have tried all options RGB, Decoder and Video (the later which I thought was composite) for that input and no joy?



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I have Sky but the same may apply to Telewest. Connect Telewest scart 1 to Sony scart 3. Connect Sony scart 1 to TV scart 1. Make sure Sony is set to output RGB.


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Have you tried Telewest (tv) scart > DVD
Telewest (VCR) scart > TV

or why not Telewest (tv) > DVD > TV ?

P.S. why are you using both outputs from the Telewest box?



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Thanks all for the info. As suggested I connected scart 1 from telewest to scart 2 on dvd recorder, then scart 1 from dvd recorder to tv. All now works fine.

Many thanks

Chris :thumbsup:

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