Telewest to Sky. Is it worth it?



Ok here is the situation.

Current set up. I have my Telewest box on essentials package which costs £8.50. My pioneer 5100 for recordings chase play etc and rent movies online £15 a month.

Looking at Sky+ with movie world for £200 set up & £34 a month after that.

Questions is the DD5.1 on sky+ any good? Is the picture quality any better on sky+ over telewest.

Another reason I am considering this is the lack of EPG on telewest. How far in advance does Sky+ EPG run?

Any other faults I should consider? How does the reliability compare?

Thanks for any help!


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Cant answer if pic quality is better than Telewest as I had NTL before Sky+ but I reckon quality's about the same. DD 5.1 is excellent though, I wasn't expecting it to stand up to DVD quality 5.1 but I haven't yet noticed any difference between the two.


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I'm a bit of an advocate for +. I've not experienced sound or Pq issues reported on the forum. My Pq has alwys been much better than terrestrial Tv & now, looking back, tapeing seems so archaic. For convenience etc I believe + is streets ahead of the competition. Cost as you point out is not marvelous & there are plenty of complaints about other issues - not least of which is quality/abillity of engineers/service (some reliability questions also). I know it's not perfect but I think it's well worth it.


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AS STOWITBELOW says, it's not perfect or totally reliable, however even with the shortcomings I wouldn't go back... As for picture quality, I am ex NTL and I did notice a small improvement (less blocky) with Sky+... As for DD on Sky Movies 1, 2 and 3, this works very well for me and the beauty of Sky+ is that you can programme the films you want to watch up to a week in advance and watch them when YOU want to... You will fill the HD very quickly..!

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