Telewest Remote and LCD TV "interferenece"


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I have a 32" LCD TV (Medion MD 30112), which appears to stop my Telewest remote control functioning.

Basically I turn my equipment off at the mains, when not in use. Once I switch on the wall plug, if I turn the LCD TV on (from standby) before the TW box has booted, my Remote will not function (I can use the buttons on the TW Box, so this is working). I do not get the yellow remote signal recieved confirmation flash from the TW Box.

However if I wait for the TW box to boot, then turn on the LCD TV the remote works properly. I have to turn off at the mains, and try again, with the TV off, if I forget and turn on too quickly.

It is quite strange, but I am aware of some LCD's with active blacklight control affecting remotes, however my LCD TV AFAIK does not have this feature. I have covered over the remote / led recess on the LCD TV in an attempt to block any stray signals.

I have spoken to TW Support, and it is a "known issue" with some LCD's, even affecting the new HD TV Drive boxes. As yet they have no solution to this problem. I do not have energy saving bulbs in the room, or a mirror opposite the TV......these were standard questions from TW support.

I wondered if anyone had a similar issue or a solution please.


Similar-ish issue on NTL forum (I will give this a try):-

Re-positioning the TW Box further into my TV stand did not solve the problem.


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I have Technosonic 32" and Pac DI1010T STB - and the opposite problem. I leave the STB on ( have extension to bedroom) and put TV on standby. When I switch TV back on, STB stops responding to remote. Putting TV back to standby fixes it. You can switch TV on and off and watch STB stop responding and then start again. But .... curiously ..... if you leave everything alone for a couple of minutes after switching TV on, STB starts to respond again.

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