Telewest/ntl Users do you get this??

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High all,
i have a Pace 4000 telewest box. Anyoutput from it (inc rf) to the Tv shifts the picture to the right a bit. Even picking RGB the picture improves greatly but does not shift to the left like a lot of RGB feed do.

My normal "Pass Through" aerial connection is unaffected but the Pace Box RF out (Channel 60) is definately shifted slightly to the right.

Is this the same for everybody??

I ask because this is my second box (First one just fried..) and the first one I had did this also.

I seem to remember that my old analog box was the same but am not 100% sure about this.

I have just tried the box on my 46 RP and in all fairness the pics were as good as Sky (I have just unsubcribed so only FTA) but the shift was obviously worse.

I do not believe that Telewest would think the shift was worth worrying about or that there is an adjustment in the box for it so does anyone else notice this??


P.S. What sort of picture modes are sent out over cable, my RP was changing modes from wide to Cinema to 4:3 etc that could drive you mad!!


I have had digital tv with telewest for a year now, I'm not impressed! When credits come up on the screen for certain programs I loose a big chunk of them at the sides of the screen! Suppose I better speak to an engineer!


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I've got the phase 2 Pace box,whatever model number that is,since Autumn 2001 and a Sony 32LS35 telly.The picture from the Pace box shifts/cuts off my picture to the left,especially in RGB,which can be adjusted a little with this telly.If you select help on the remote,the picture is perfectly centralised in the little tv window,top right,odd.Can this be adjusted?


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I believe this is a side affect of RGB and the problem is probably with the TV and notthe STB.

I used to get this with my old Panny & Sony TV, but it was only slight and hardly noticable.

I have noticed that on my new Tosh RP TV, there is a 'screen shift' option for left & right, (like what you gewt on some Console games) which eradicate the picture movement.

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My point was that yes I have the same option as you, however, my sky box is ok on RGB so the telewest box should be.

The actual picture itself is not central in the frame, i.e. if you shown a 4:3 format onscreen, the cable picture is not correctly displayed and a very small part is missing off the right hand side.

I think I might ask for a different box, older maybe as some others have noticed this effect also.


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