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TeleWest making progress !!


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I am in a state of shock, I got home last night to find a letter from Telewest telling me that they are launching their Interactive servers on 1st June, starting with the World Cup.

Also doing a few other thing like making the volume on the TW remote work (they promised information on how to use it but I think I understand up and down ):clown:

Could this be the start of a better service from TW. All we need now is a RPG that goes longer than one day.

Matt F

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Who knows, maybe they'll be able to show Sky football matches in widescreen again one day!

Sky Digital viewers get them in widescreen and, believe it or not, Telewest used to broadcast them in widescreen a couple of seasons ago - then, all of a sudden, they started transmitting them in 4:3! There's bl*ody progress for you.

Come to think of it, it took them a couple of years to sort out auto-widescreen switching so I won't hold my breath... but hang on, they used to do it so what's the problem? Maybe Sky are the culprits i.e. "you only get the Premiership in widescreen if you come via us".


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