Telewest EPG or lack of!



I am on the verge of getting rid of this however £8.50 a month is a good price, so is there any way I can automate a channel change or 2 over a 2 week period. As the EPG is useless I am considering a timer Remote is there such a thing that would work through red eye?
You could do it thru a learning remote with built in timer. Pronto / Marantz and most other about £100 quid would do it.

Try looking at or

May also be worth doing a search on here to make sure any remote you choose supports the IR protocols of your Telewest box.

hope this helps

A free bump.
I too would also like to know if you can automate a channel change with telewest. (Not using a TIVO)
Dunno if I've understood the issue properly, but since the (not so) recent upgrade to the software, you've been able to set auto channel change overs....

Basically, set a reminder for a programme as before, but now you have the option to either "remind" or "change channel at start".

Is this not what you want?

Maybe you've not had the software upgrade, should upgrade itself automatically, but a friend of mine had his about a month before mine updated. Looks slightly different, still crap tho'

The EPG is only for the current day.
Not so good if you want to set timers for a week in advance or repeat recordings.

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