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Sorry, I couldn't see a better area to post this:

I am installing the Cable box the other side of the fireplace and running the wires now whilst I have the fireplace out. I have an extension cable for the Telewest box so no problem there.

I will however want to use the broadband from Telewest sometime later this year. Will this need a new / different cable that I should be running now? Or does this come from the cable box itelf rather than from the wall socket?


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The cable and broadband is usually split at the socket in the wall. Then one cable goes to your cable box and the other to your cable modem. Depending on where you want your pc you can do the following:
1. Either have the cable modem where your socket is, connect it to a wireless router and have your PC whereever in the house
2. Run another 75Ohm coax cable to wherever you have your PC and the Telewest guy will install a splitter at the socket and install your cable modem near your PC with a ethernet connection


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My ntl broadband for the last 2 years has been via the digi-box itself. The digi-box is connected to the PC with an ethernet cable but you can use USB.

Last week I cancelled our TV subscription so ntl want their boxes back at the end of the 30 day notice period. They sent out an engineer who merely disconnected the coax from the digi-box put on a 3.5dB two-way splitter reconnected the box and connected a new modem to the 2nd coax.

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