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Oct 11, 2005
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Birmingham UK
I have a telewest cable box [scientific atlanta explorer 4200 dvb]
and pioneer 530 dvd recorder.

the pioneer records using guideplus terrestial signal no problem, but I can't set up the telewest box as the model is not listed in the initial setup on the p 530.

any ideas?


If you goto the setup in Guide Plus, select Settings>External Receiver>Continue>Cable>Other Providers then the scientific atlanta box is listed there. try these codes.
Thanks for that the atlanta is now trying to skip to channel 12 but not getting there,I just said yes and changed the channel numbers to telewest settings so now Ill see if the schedule downloads :rolleyes:
Hi Bobcarb or anyone else,

Did you ever get this to work?

I've just got Telewest and a Pioneer 440 dvr, and I seem to have exactly the same problem.

Can't find the right codes to get the DVR to communicate with the telewest box - I've got exactly the same one as you. (scientific atlanta 4200)

any ideas much appreciated

I gave up with the sender cable, and just leave the telewest box on the channel I wish to record. this would only be a problem if I wanted to record more than one cable channel.
Thanks for the reply... seems that Gemstar just haven't added this telewestbox to their lists, it's a bit annoying if you've had it for a year and they still haven't added it.

ho hum

Anyone else got any other ideas?
Just incase anyone is having similar challenges, I got the red eye thing and after a bit of trial and error I think I've got it working pretty well.

I think it's worth it too, not having to fiddle around with 2 boxes to programme something to record is nice.

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