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Has anyone successfully used the Barclaycard Price Promise for a Television, against John Lewis & have still got the 5 years warranty?



I tried but to no avail.
They insisted deals had to be like for like, including warranty, whether free or not.
But hey, you have nothing to lose by trying, you may get lucky.


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From the 14th June 2004, Barclaycard are changing their extended warranty deal. For items between £150 & £499.99, you get 1 year over & above the manufacturer's warranty. For items over £500, you get 2 years over & above the manufacturer's warranty. There are some special conditions.

So I could get the Loewe I was after from anywhere & get 4 years warranty (2 years manufacturer, 2 years barclaycard) & use the barclaycard price promise to get the best possible price (they price match internet only also!) :thumbsup:


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I bought a Tosh 42WH36 from Comet for £1036.76 with my Barclaycard. Then phoned them for the extra 12 month warranty which I got.

Then waited as long as possible near to the 60day deadline for the price promise and claimed against digital direct who have it priced at £928.95.

They credited my account yeasterday with £107.81. It works.




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Why do barclaycard do this? I can't make out why they would want to give away money like this? What with extended warranties and refunding part of the purchase price any canny consumer can cost them huge amounts of money. I literally could look for extreme examples of price differences. Buy something with a generous returns policy get a credit difference and return the item for a refund earning myself loads of money. I don't have a barclaycard but it just seems a system open to abuse.


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They do it so people will get their card for those benefits & then get into debt, making them huge amounts of money. Also, they may rely on the fact that you may forget to claim the money back. I only got a barclaycard for these benefits.

As far as warranties go, most products that they cover should last at least 2 years, so the chances of making a claim are quite slim. I think it's a shame that companies can't stick by the supposed quality of their products & give 2 or 3 years warranty themselves.

There are also limits to the amount you can claim in a year anyway & a clause about returning goods, I don't think people can abuse it. If it were possible to abuse, barclaycard would have binned the idea.

Johnny Chimpo

Just wondering how Barclaycard works their Pricematch in relation to delivery charges made by Internet retailers?

If I buy a TV at £1000 in Currys (with £15 delivery charge, for the sake of argument), then see it advertised on the Net for £800 (plus £50 delivery) will they give me £200 (difference between 2 prices of the TV's(... or will they take the delivery charges into account?

£1,000 - £800 = £200


£1,015 - £850 = £165

I'm planning my umpteenth and final trip to Curry's before the end of the week, so any help much appreciated! :thumbsup:



Hi All,

Re Warranty. I understand new EU rules will soon force all manufacturers who sell in the EU to provide a 2 year warranty on consumer goods. From toasters to TVs !!

Regards builder,

Not sure exactly when though.


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Johnny Chimpo said:
I'm planning my umpteenth and final trip to Curry's before the end of the week, so any help much appreciated!

What tv are you looking to get from Currys and whats your best price from them ?

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