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I have a big problem and would appreciate anyone's experiences with regards to how near you can bring home cinema satellite speakers to a widescreen television without damaging the picture.

I've seen plenty of advertising pictures that show, for example, a centre speaker actually sat on top of the TV. Looking into it though, I've discovered that in reality this can lead to permanent damage, and a well-known electronic appliance firm said that speakers should be at least 1 metre away when asked, even though no warning whatsoever was given in the manual.

Thanks in advance


Most modern home cinema speakers are shielded to allow placement near (or ontop or even better beneath) a TV tube. Unshielded speakers bend the beams going to the tube surface because of the magnets used to drive the speaker coils. I would suggest you leave at least 10 metres between yourself and that well known electronic appliance firm :)

Placing the main speakers at least 2 metres apart improves the stereo image but this also depends on room size and listener distance. But, if the speaker is magnetically shielded, it won't make any mechanical difference.


I've got my Tannoy speakers about 6" either side of my tv. The centre speaker sits on top of the tv. My subwoofer used to sit next to tv cabinet. Never had a problem. My previous cheaper technics speakers were positioned similarly and again no problems.

TV is Sony 36FS70.

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