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Good Afternoon,

I want to surprise my industrially deaf grandad with a new TV and bluetooth headphones.

The scenario is he has quite an old LCD TV and he puts it up so loud his entire street can hear, apart from him and the subtitles are too slow. When he visited me before I ran some headphones through the audio jack way back and it was a lot better for him, as well as for my dear nan who gets annoyed with the noise lmao.

So my question is, can anyone recommend a 42/43 inch TV (space issues in his house) with bluetooth so I can get him sorted?

I don't mind where its coming from as long as they deliver to Northern Ireland.

On top of this I was thinking about these for his headphones. Im happy to drop 400 on the TV and 100 on the headphones, hes been there for me in every way possible over the years
Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT

Thanks in advance,



I wouldn't want to rely on TVs built in bluetooth as none have low latency support and make the audio delayed around 100ms=> depending on the headset. If he is hard of hearing he will likely lip read a lot to compensate and this will throw him off.

Instead look at a designated wireless headphone solution that comes with a transmitter and is designed, unlike integrated bluetooth to be lag free. The Senheiser RS 175 system comes to mind.

Or just run wired.

The bluetooth headphones you mention (HD 4.40 BT) have roughly 160ms of latency.

As for TV recommendations, it will depend how your grandparents view the TV. If they are like most people and have a living room setup where they view at different angles they will need a TV with a panel that accommodates for this. (IPS panel)

If however they only view head on, or within a 60 degree cone then they should look at models with better picture quality from the front (VA panel)

Which panel type should I choose for my TV?


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For the record, I've been where you have been with my Granddad, we ended up opting to use his musical amp hooked up to the TV and he just sat next to it and plugged his headphones into that when he wanted too.


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Might be worth trying a soundbar as it’ll have better separation than any TVs built in sound. In all likelihood the speakers on his tv are downfiring so sound will be hitting the stand and then going towards him.

Some will have Bluetooth that allows headphones to be connected, if necessary.

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