Televes quatro 7479

George a L

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Good Evening,

I am in need of some help trying to wire up the above LNB but dont know which goes where on the LNB. IE which input is HH HL VH VL. as the LNB is not marked for each one.

Thanks in advance



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The outputs of a Quatro are normally colour coded.
Is there a coloured band on the outputs ?

Yellow - Horzontal High
Red - Vertical High
Green - Horizontal Low
Black - Vertical Low

As far as I can remember, they are connected in that order. Output 1 is Yellow (HH), 2 is Red (VH), 3 is Green (HL) and 4 is Black (VL).

You won't break it by connecting it incorrectly, you just won't get the channels.

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