Telarc DTS sampler CD - where to buy?

Dave H

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Looks like it, tell us more Smurf what is on the disk exactly it doesn't say?


Dave H

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Sorry it does say I have just scrolled down :suicide:



Distinguished Member
Cool, thanks:)

Damn though, I won't get it in time for my new setup arriving:(

Wouldn't happen to want to sell it would you Bowen?:D

Dave H

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Is it just a music dvd?


Novice Member
There used to be a DTS wall plaque available from the DTS site which cam bundled with that exact same disc. Don't whether the plaque is still available though or if the disc still comes with it.

I've also seen a lot of these discs on ebay, so you may want to try there.


Active Member sell a decent range of dts music CDs at good prices but they don't have that one.

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