Tedious question, but which bloomin' 32"!??!?!?!!?!?!??!



Just WHAT are we supposed to buy?? Looking for a set - had my final decision down to a particular model more than once, only to visit these forums and find that everyone who's got one hates it.

Philips 32PW6006 - loved by WHF and What Video & TV, decent price, but huuuge RGB problem, apparently.

Thomson 32WR25UG - been in 2nd place in Home Cinema's Top 5 for many months now, bargain price, but according to those in the know on here, cheap rubbish.

Panasonic TX32PL1 - actually ordered this, only for the dealer to go OOS. Subsequently found all sorts of nasties about it on the forums.

I just want a nicam 32" w/s telly. Doesn't have to be flat, or 100hz, or green or 'owt. Just a clean picture, reliable tube & ok sound, until I can upgrade to seperates. I'm tearing my bleedin' hair out here:mad:

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