Tecra 8100 Audio Problems


Julian CD

About 3 weeks ago I started experiencing problems with the audio playback of music files on my Tecra 8100. Digital music files, whether streamed from websites or played via the CD player all sound "glitched up" (i.e. like a CD that keeps skipping). This happens when I use the latest versions of both Real player and Windows Media player.
Does anyone have any ideas how I can try to fix this?
Many thanks



Totally in agreement with Sam.I.Am. - VLC is about the most compatible player I've ever seen. It'll play any media file I throw at it, even corrupt ones and is happy with HD content and more. I moved away from Windows Media Player some time ago and cannot now remember when I last used it. Really recommend it.

Also, updating sound drivers is a very good idea and should be your next port of call too.

Check for open processes in Task Manager and look in there in case anything suspicious running in background etc.

Heavy HDD activity in some cases on some systems can also cause glitching audio. I'd also suggest checking HDD space on your main drive (presumably C:). If your running less than 1Gb or so on XP, the system will be using HDD space excessively as virtual memory which puts a strain on things too.

Hope all this helps.


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