Teco TL4081RT - Does it display 1080i - am slightly concerned


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Hi all,

Got myself a Teco TL4081RT from Ebuyer a couple of weeks back. Am impressed totally with it ( apart from the remote...no suprise there tho. ).

But...hooked it upto my pc thru VGA. It displays a 1280 res and a 1360 res but when i set my radeon 1950pro to send a 1080i picture it flickers a bit then goes to a blue "no signal" kind of screen.

Anyone else with a TL4081RT got into 1080i mode ok?

I'm concerned because cant the ps3 can only output blueray in 1080i/p? am planning to get one of those in a few months.



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sorry to bump this. i'll only do it once...

has anyone got any ideas about how to test 1080i?

have i wrongly assumed that all new-ish tvs should output 1080i?

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