Techy challenge re surround spkrs and amp connections?


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Sorry this is a really strange rqst but I know one of you techy bods will know if/how this can be done?

Basically am getting a 6.1 amp (that also allows connection of 2 rear surrounds through the 6th spkr connection) hopefully rear panel pic attached here 812 Back?

I currently have a 5 spk set up with obvious set up front and with the rears at the back of the room in the corners approx 12' apart, now I had two options either to buy a single spkr and put it in the middle at the rear (exactly level with the 2 other rears) or buy a pair and put them either side of the room (ie in front of the current rears)

I have just found some speakers that came with my TV but I am bemused (hence this rqst for help) the manual for these spks is at 9607 Manual and the page concerned is page 4, these spkrs appear to be active (at least 1 is) so can I connect them to the Amp and if so how should I do this, and if I do will this only create a single surround at the sides?

Sorry for the ramble but I hope someone can determine whether I can actually use these spkrs as L&R surrounds :confused:

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