Techwood TWP4210 and Media Box Problem


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Hi guys,

I have a Techwood TWP4210 (with LGE screen) and a VMB1110 Media Box.

The problem I have is that when I turn on the Media Box the LED on the Screen turns Red while the Media Box is Green. If I then turn the Media Box off the Screen LED turns Green while the Media Box shows Red :S

Hope someone could shed some light on the situation as I am baffled by this?

Thanks in advance. Nick


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It's not a well known tv, probably why you've not had much response.
Only suggestion I have is, unplug the media box and screen from the mains and each other, leave it for a few minutes then reconnect and switch back on.
If you've already tried this, apologies.


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Hi Kev,

Thanks for your reply, I have tried your suggestion but still have had no luck with the box or tv so am still stuck as to what to do with it?

I have been told by someone that there is a possibility of it being that the media box could be a 4205 and the tv being a 4210 (LG) could be the problem? is there any truth in this or is it just a guess by them?

If so how would I be able to determine what box I have? the label on the bottom of the media box says 4210 (LGE) but one of the chips inside the box has a label saying 4205 so I am a bit confused as to whether the media box board may have been replaced at some point with a different one?

Any other help or suggestions would be great...

Thanks again Kev


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Sorry mate, that suggestion of mine was the only thing I could have helped you with.
I do hope you get to the bottom of it though.

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