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Feb 12, 2004
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anybody happy with their techwood/i have one ordered;been reading reports sounds like pot luck with picture,have seen dvd pic seemed fine to me
Happy with mine, worth every bit of £2000. Got the surround sound system package just before the price went up by £400!

Picture on Sky and terestrial TV goes from brilliant to awful depending on the recording mode and transmission quality.

DVD input is 99.9% faultless, absolutely brilliant.

Set it up with good quality scart leads to get the best signal possible into the panel.

Set the picture up so as to make the image as life like as possible. That is, it does not glare at you, have not overcooked the colour, contrast and brightness. Excellent article on this elswhere in one of the forums - cannot remember where.

Any one else with a Techwood? What do they think about them?
I took delivery of a Techwood TWP4205PL two weeks ago. I had Matercare out to it yesterday due to problems with the display. It can't seem to handle solid colours, particularly dark.
I think I have read another posting stating that it appeared like an ordnance survey map - this is a very good description.
Engineer advised not to swap as would likely get same problem. I think this means the same as 'manufacturers spec'??
Now need to decide whether to keep it or return for refund (if it's that easy).
Not sure what to do. Threads so far give mixed views.
Would welcome any further advice.:confused:
@Norcky - All depends on wether you are happy to have a plasma with that 'feature' or not.

Do you find it offputing, or do you not really notice it? If it's a big problem, them get a refund and buy something else, maybe save up a bit more for a Panny or something

I had a similar choosing dilemma - buy a cheaper plasma just so I could have a Plasma, save up for a better model plasma or have no plasma at all

Went for the save up and get a better plasma (albeit at a good price :) )

I asked the question If you had a choice of getting a lower speck plasma (based on a lot of people opinions in this forum - LG, Samsung, Techwood etc) or no plasma till could afford decent one - what would you do?

My answer to that was no plasma till I could afford a decent one (again most people opinions Pioneer, Panny, Fujitsu, Hitachi(?) )

sorry for waffling

Thanks Gary for your advice.

Ideally would like to send back and save for something better, but having looked around, not sure the improvements are worth the significant extra cash.

Anyway, I had to perform some very clever drip feed style persuasion on the 'powers that be' over a considerable amount of time to convince her that it was worth sepnding even that amount on a tv. After all corrie street looks just about the same as on the old 32" only bigger and dare I say it occasionally not as good!

Anyone out there with further advice and guidance? I need to make a decision by middle of next week. It's a hard one.

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