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Feb 7, 2004
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Hi All,

Got my Techwood 42 Plasma delivered from Cu??ys a day early, WOH !. The ideots delivered it while I was at work... Its ok though all setup now. A Few problems with it though.

The manual could have been writen by a 12 year ols after owning the screen for a hour...

I have used Cambridge Audio Gold Plated RGB scart leads. these babys are thick as hell and were great on my Sony widescreen CRT but I have noticed when its plugged into Sky+ BBC and some of the other channels are rubbish, When the picture moves fast its just a blurr and also when things are not in shot the colours seem too bright to display properly.

Also while watching a DVD i get this too but not nearly as bad, It is hardly noticable on DVDs but I thought getting a plasma would be better than CRT not slightly worse.

Any suggestions anyone ?
Please help

I'm frankly amazed you say only slightly worse. My beko 20" in the bedroom generally outperforms a plasma. The problems you describe might be due to setup, on some screens you have to tell the scart what signal you are sending, you might be set to composite, which is still sent even if RGB is enabled on the source. You must also remember the plasma you have is hardly the state of the art.
Well if you say that about your beko 20" - then all CRTS outperform Plasmas, they do dont they. :)

Plasma technology too new at the mo' - wait for the next generation - it's abit like computers/consoles, 8-bit, 16bit etc lol

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