Techwood owners please can you help and general purchase help plse?



Hi All

I am taking the jump and trying to sell my Panasonic 36 inch TV and getting a plasma:clap:

I dont really want to spend a fortune, but I dont want a load of crap so I will firstly ask the Techwood owners a question then everyone else

What are the specs of the Techwood that Curry's and Dixons are selling? :lease: I can only find a few on the net! Like brightness, contrast (the whatever :1 number), backlight life, resolution etc. I am very tempted by the Techwood because it has everything I want.

Everyone else, what I would like is a 42" to be wall mounted to have inputs for Cable (Telewest), DVD and Hauppauge MVP (at least 3 scart sockets). The decoder/reciever to be included in the price and also the speakers to be in the price. I am willing to pay £2.5k ish. There is so much on the market and I have read up a bit so Panasonic looks good at the moment but they are expensive and not a lot have 3/4 scart sockets. Any recommendations :lease:

Thanks in advance



I'm sure many of the Techwood owners on this forum will tell you it's a good set for the money, but there are better ones about.

With £2.5K to spend on an all inclusive system you won't have many options. Have you looked at Hitachi as an alternative to the Techwood? If you could let go of the need for a built in tuner & speakers then you could pick up a 6 series panny for less than £2.5K and pair it up with an existing sound system and digibox which would offer a better picture than the Techwood, but wouldn't be an all in one solution.

If you bump your budget up a bit you might find a panasonic 42PA20 somewhere, but I imagine these are in short supply now the replacement model has arrived.

BTW specs don't mean much on their own, go and see any sets that interest you in person, ideally at a proper dealer rather than a high street electrical chain. Make your own mind up about which is best, everyone has different requirements and expectations.



As Techwood owner I am biased. Why? Because I set myself a budget, looked at what was available within that budget, judged them on picture quality, etc., over a 4 week period, judged the Techwood to be the best and bought it and I wasn't disappointed.

Please do the same let your own eyes and ears be the best judge, after all it is you who going to watch it and listen to it together with your family, Elvis is quite correct when he says this.

For my £2500 I got the panel, table and surround system, within 3 months the price had gone up by another £300, which leads me to think I got a bargain which was underpriced from the beginning.

Don't get carried away by labels, the Techwood panel is a Samsung pure and simple, what I am saying is judge it on its merits not what a label says on the front.

As far as I am concerned be aware when judging panels on display in high street retailers you wont see a satellite or terrestrial picture fed in, normally you will see a DVD feed which means you will not get a true comparison of what the picture is like between the various inputs, the DVD input will show the best quality picture. Again I agree with Elvis the smaller retailer will give you a better service and a better comparison but perhaps at an increased cost.

The picture on mine took time to settle in and is now excellent.
You asked about the Techwoods spec mine is: contrast ratio 1000:1, pixels 852x480, 4 scart sockets, etc.
I agree you can perhaps get better if you are prepared to spend more. But set your budget, go get it and enjoy it.


I'm sure Mavric60 is representative of many happy Techwood owners but you should be aware that some have been unhappy with these sets, but then that goes for all makes and is the main reason for judging for yourself. I'm sure you'll find this forum useful though for pointing you in the right direction and helping with any technical queries.

Many of the specialist suppliers who support this forum will offer both keen prices and expert advice and can be very helpful. If you have your heart set on a Techwood you may have to stick to the highstreet though as I don't think any of them supply that make.


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Hi Guys

I too like Maverick am a Techwood owner, I purchased the system on the basis that Plasma has not evolved enough yet to justify spending the Pioneer HDTV kind of money, I still had the money to purchase a Pioneer in a years time though....

BUT... After buying and setting up the Techwood (Samsung Panel even has the Sammy label inside the unit), and having a LONG month settling in period I am more than happy to keep it for a good while now untill Plasmas have evolved a little more.

The kit you get for the money is first rate, Elvis is right there have been bad reports but what manufacturer has no bad reports,

Then there is the money bracket 2000 to 3000K is a bracket - I think all plasmas in this bracket are comparable in quallity and boy I looked at em all I even had a Panny for a while until it developed a fault and went back.

The settling in period is Vital and important NOT to move it when this is in progress.

I am a big beleiver in YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, and with this system you get a lot for what you pay for.

The only thing I can say to you is Dont get the SKY plasma bundle my mate has one and it is going to go back its so bad.

You can get better (A lot better) but you pay for it, The pioneer is still the best by far but you have to pay for it and it aint worth its high price tag IMHO. It WILL drop though

Bite the bullet if you aint happy send it back


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