Techwood 42" Plasma 4210. Mastercare Vs Coverplan



At the moment I am waiting for Mastercare to pick up my Techwood 42" Plasma 4210 for repair under my 5 year extended warranty, When they do it will be nearly 2 weeks after reporting the fault to them.

Yesterday I decided to phoned Mastercare to have a gripe to them about it and to see if they could be a bit more helpful because It has broken down 5 or 6 times and was only 18 month old.

They told me if it had to have 4 or more repairs done to it in a year they could right it off but their database only shows work done to it for the last six months but advised me to phone Coverplan and ask them.

So I phoned Coverplan to enquire but they told me the first few repairs did not count as it was repaired under manufactures warranty as the 1st year of the coverplan only covers you for accidental damage and not for faults in the TV and she said for repairs to qualify it had to have faulty parts and not just having parts re-soldered.

To me this sounds like a cop out and I would be interested in other peoples thoughts on this matter.


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The solder bit is a real con! If they have to use a soldering that has to count as a repair! The manufacturers 1st year bit could well be right as gtees are normally sold as 1+4 year cover. Read the small print.


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I assume you bought from currys or dixons.
We bought a Tumble dryer from them.
The noise it made from brand new was a joke.
An engineer came and said it was normal.
You couldn't hold a conversation while it was running!

Called out another engineer, who phoned his base. The woman kept complaining she couldn't hear because of the noise from the dryer :rotfl:

They changed it, after weeks of messing us about.

Never again with Mastercare/coverplan :thumbsdow

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