Techtronincs 'Multimod' multi-region?


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May 20, 2002
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I'm shortly going to be getting a Philips DVDR 890, a little research shows that it's quite easily hacked to multi-region using a multi-purpose remote. Will that allow it to play RCE disks?

Does anyone here have a player from Techtronics with their Multimod chip upgrade that DOES support RCE titles aswell?

My question is really, is it worth getting the chip style upgrade or just doing the remote hack yourself?

My Sony DVP NS300 was from Techtronics with the enterprise multimod upgrade. It plays RCE titles.

If you get the multimod, then you will also have macrovision disabled and user prohibitions disabled. Both are essential IMO You'd be amazed how convenient it is getting the user prohibitions disabled - you can switch soundtracks and subtitles mid-movie, skip through the FBI warning screens, skip through chapters and change angles during playback when otherwise you wouldn't be able to, etc etc :)
Aye, I have had 2 Panasonics & a Toshiba upgraded by Techtronics and all have been faultless over the years I have used them.

RCE has never been an issue even on the Tosh, all DVD's from all regions have played automatically. I have never had to use any manual region selection techniques on any player/disc.
Thanks for the info. So you're both happy with Techtronics? I've heard the quality of their service, particularly after sales, is not great but they do have very good prices and they will ship to Portugal (where I live).

I only very rarely had any problems with consumer electronics products so I hope I won't need to use their after sales service :)

Their aftersales service can be a pain reading the other threads on this forum, but I've never really called on it - just a quick phone call after the DVD player arrived to check on some details in their instruction leaflet, where the guy at Techtronics was a bit rude. He told me what I needed to know though. I have a year's free extended warranty on my player that was provided by my c/card company, so I won't have to worry about their after sales after the next few months anyway. Techtronics make great multimods IMO - I'm extremely happy with mine.
All I can say is that I personally have had no issues with their products and have therefore had no reason to test their aftersales services....

I too have read some dodgy comments on their aftersales services on this forum, but I have also read it on a few of the other suppliers that I have dealt with in the past. (Empire Direct for one)

I believe that most of the suppliers we all use are pretty much on a par with each other and that from time to time they all drop clangers or let us down in some way, but, I just think it is the law of averages and that s**t happens. People and Business will never be perfect all the time.

Having said all that, some people stories on this forum have been quite horendous (especially considering the money spent on this type of kit) and that the issues encountered can be pretty shocking.

As far as my opinion goes with Techtronics, well my experience with them has been fine. (I may even get my Plasma panel from them in the near future)
techtronics after sales support is the worst I've ever encountered and I would never buy a thing from them EVER!! Don't do it m8
I have a 890 (not from techtronics!) and it's a great bit of kit but the remote hack for multi reg is not RCE which is a pain
You have to admire his conviction! :D

Fair enough.
If you can tell me where I can get a chip modded 890 for the same price (£459) and where they'll also ship to Portugal then I'll gladly check them out.

From various posts I've seen it seems to me that Techtronics at least deliver a great product for a very reasonable price which is more than can be said for a lot of web retailers. If they send me a pile of junk or the wrong product I have the garuantees you get from buying by credit card.

For me, the extra £150 I'd have to pay to buy from a shop like Sevenoaks etc. isn't worth it given the miniscule likelihood that I'll have to take the product back. It's £150 of 'insurance policy' I don't need.

Hmmm.... just checked the Techtronics site again and curiously it states that the multimod region mod for the Philips 880 & 890 does NOT work with RCE titles. Nor does it do the Macrovision thing - you have to buy a separate cable for that.

That being the case I could get my 890 anywhere and just do the remote hack and get a 3rd party Macrovision defeating device/cable.

I wonder why the mod won't play RCE titles on the 880 & 890? Do you think it's a Philips thing or possibly that Techtronics are just doing the remote hack but still pretending to have done the chip mod? Going to check out a few other chip modding places to see if they can do 'RCE compatible' mods for the 890.

Try Link Electronics, I got my Sony from them chipped and have no RCE probs at all, phoned to ask a questoin and got helpful advice. Recomended.
New to this forum so please excuse the late entry into this thread.

All I can say is AVOID Techtronics AT ALL COSTS. Their after sales service is truly awful. I received my multi-mod 890 (after a one-month wait), only to find it had a tuner fault, but it took over a week to get hold of their returns department and another few days before the machine was picked up. In the meantime I had left several answerphone messages and sent several faxes, all to no avail.

They eventually stated that they could not replace the machine as it had to go back to Philips for an undisclosed period for repair. I argued that as it was dead on arrival, I should get a replacement but they said that wasn't possible. After a few more faxes I was offered a replacement (but they didn't have any and weren't certain they would be getting any more - but since have had another couple of deliveries) or a refund. I asked for a refund, but that was now over a week ago and nothing has materialised. So another fax has just gone off....

Try Laura on 01778 652441 if you need to speak to somone at Tectronics - their automated phone system almost never gets through to anybody.

Back to the main point - whilst I couldn't view TV pictures and hence record off-air, I did establish that the Techtronics modified 890 would not play RCE disks, no matter what I tried. Since I've only got 3 RCE disks, it will not be too much of a problem anyway.

PS Anybody know what the handset M/R hack is? I intend to get another 890 from a different source, already in M/R form, but would like to know how to do it myself if it ever needs re-doing (e.g. after a firmware upgrade). A Tech Support guy at Techtronics stated that their mod was 'just a couple of bytes in the Eprom' which sounds very much like a handset hack to me.:confused:
Welcome to the forums John! Just a quick word of warning since you're new here: the forum admins don't generally like people to slag off dealers here unless you also give your full name and address (cos otherwise the forum could be sued for libel).

OK, now that's out of the way, your experience sounds typical of what I've heard from others with this dealer ;)

The Techtronics 'multimod' hack for the 890 is not a chip mod at all, they've just done the remote hack and are claiming it's more than that. Other dealers I've spoken to admit they're just doing the remote hack.

The remote hack stays in place even when you upgrade the firmware but in case you need it here's an explanation of it:

Allthough it doesn't say so this hack also works for the 890 and 880. Just a couple of things:

- Before you start ensure that your 890 is configured to "DVD Player" in the "Remote Control" option of the system/installation menu.

- On the 880/890 the display only shows 9 dashes, not 11 like they say. You won't see the last 3 digits of the code you enter but it will still work.

- Make sure you enter the codes 121 212 005 255 and not the 222 222 005 255 codes used for Philips players as they explain.

- The "Play 1,5,9" thing does not work for Philips DVD recorders - you have to use a universal remote.

- remember to press "Play" when you're done, wait for "No Disc" and the power off the player at the mains and wait for 10s.

BTW check out the forums at for loads of info etc about the Philips DVDR machines.

Hope that helps,

Thanks for the warning - fair comment.

Thanks also for the info on the M/R hack. I'd also discovered this whilst searching last night.

Hope to get a new player/recorder within the week - Richer Sounds are currently doing the 890 in M/R form at £479.99 and should have more stock next week. They seem to be getting through in greater numbers at last.
Quote: I wonder why the mod won't play RCE titles on the 880 & 890? Do you think it's a Philips thing or possibly that Techtronics are just doing the remote hack but still pretending to have done the chip mod?

I have just bought an LG DVD player which is remote hackable. Techtronics offer a standard multiregion mod (no mention of chip) for 55 pounds and a standard + mod (includes VCR mod) for 79 pounds. Looks like they're capitalising on innocent peoples' ignorance.

I have been seriously ripped off by techtronics (ordered a chip, paid by credit card, never delivered, acknowledged by them but no refund or attempt to rectify).

Sorry to hear of your troubles. Seems we're not alone.

Still haven't had my refund, though I will not give up, ever!

Try the name and number in my earlier post - at least it gets through to a real person. I can supply the email address privately if you wish. Not going to publish it but can send a private message to anybody who wants it.

Wish you luck.:eek:

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