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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by zoodemon, Jun 14, 2004.

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    Hi, i've just come kicking and screaming into the new century and bought a dvd + surround speaker package for £70 (yamada).
    It's a multi-region dvd with 5.1 5 sat + sub speakers.
    Now this was a bit of an impulse buy and it's faulty so it's going back, but i would really like clueing up to see if i can get a bit more out of my set up and for my hard earned. :p

    I'm quite happy with the volume i'm getting but the balance & quality is poor. Also a sub and shelf speakers is all i really need. It didn't even occur to me that i couldn't listen to the tv through these speakers when i bought it and that's something i'd really like. I noticed i can still use the tv speakers when the dvd is playing.

    Firstly the manual for this product was useless pretty much. I found lots of settings like speaker delay distance but couldn't work out what they did. I'm not going to be sitting smack in the middle as would be ideal so i was wondering if these adjustable delay distances were a way of offsetting the sound so i'm not cooked just by one speaker??? :thumbsdow

    My tv has 2-scarts, 2 audio (rca-whatever that is), and an s-video. I use a humax pvr 8000 which again has 2 scarts, a video and 2 audio rca's. The s-pdif is plugged so dunno if that can be rectified. All are connected by scart. When i connected the yamada 5520 dvd to the sub there were still 2 stereo rca's left unused. Should i have connected these up with the tv?? Would this provide processed sound through the tv speakers??
    The dvd has 6 rca's for sub + 2 stereo. Also an s-video and coaxial out. Again whatever that is. :confused:

    I don't want anything special, just balanced and working (shame on yamada) and maybe being able to watch tv with the surround speakers. It's hard to know how much i can tweak the dvd sound as it's not explained in the manual, so i dunno if i'm gonna go for a replacement or ask for a refund and try to improve the setup a bit. What can you recommend??
    Also would you suggest upgrading leads etc??
    Appreciate any help. thanks zoo'd

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