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Technikka STBHDIS2010 - no vcr sound


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I'm a complete novice and bought this refurbished box from Tesco Outlet on eBay after seeing recommendations within this forum.

All is working well with my non HD TV except that anything I record on my VCR has no sound on playback while the picture is fine.

Old recordings made years ago play back with sound ok, so it seems that my new recordings are being made mute.

I've triple checked my that cables and connections match those shown in the STBHDIS2010 booklet.

Any ideas . . . I'm sure the solution is simple for you experts.

Many Thanks in advance . . . .


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I assume there is a scart cable between the STB and the VCR (it would be good if you could actually describe all the connections used).
Try reversing swapping the ends of that scart cable, and ensure the plugs are fitted tight. Then report the findings (old recordings played back and new recordings). Also if your VCR has (although not common) audio level meters, report any activity there.
PS. if after swapping the cable, old recordings now play silent, swap the cable back to test whether new recordings (made after the first swap) now play with sound.


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OK nvingo,
I have a scart cable from the STB to the VCR.

Also, a scart cable from the STB to the TV.

My extenal aerial lead goes into the STB.

Another aerial lead then goes from the STB to the VCR.

All are in the correct sockets accoring to the booklet and markings on the equipment.

Swapping each lead around makes no difference with old or new recordings, ie., old ones playback with sound, new ones do not.

There are no audio meters on my VCR.


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Have you looked in settings to see if there's anything obvious or not so obvious such as:
surround sound on/off (try off)
Scart output RGB/composite for Scart 2 (you never know try all options)
All boxes are different, some output sound on all outputs, SPDIF HDMI Analogue simultaneously, others are switched in setup.

Have you tried swapping the 2 scarts to see if the TV gets sound from the scart currently plugged into the VCR, only unplug the end from the VCR and plug that into the TV (leave the other end where it is in the box)?

If TV doesn't get sound try changing settings until it does with the leads still swapped.

Also you could try plugging the TV into the VCR scart (TV) socket when it's recording to see if you get sound then.
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Thanks Railway
I've spent most of this afternoon exploring all options and combinations without success, I'm afraid.

Maybe my trusty old VCR isn't up to the job any more and I should cut my losses and buy a hard drive Freeview box instead.

Any suggestions for a good one for about £100 or less ?

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