Technika19" LCD DVD lcd19dvdid-207



Got one of these from Tescos yesturday as it was £217 :thumbsup: after points and has the following great spec: -

19" widescreen
MP3, MP4 :thumbsup: JPEG etc.
Nice styling inc. the remote for the price
Physical on/off switch underneath
HD Ready (on the box but not listed on the machine so not sure about this one)
Brightness 300
Contrast 850:1


Freeview problem - The software does not allow for the selection of 16:9 in the menu for freeview. It defaults to 4:3 although this is not a visible option but the picture is being output to the screen in 4:3. The DVD player setup allows selection of 16:9 (although the default is 4:3) but they have forgotten the option on freeview :mad: Yes you can select 16:9, 4:3 etc. etc. on the TV but the output from freeview is 4:3

Do they ever test these thing ? So no good for freeview as it looks all stretched and the picture quality is not very good. Picture from DVD is much better and helped by correct aspect ratio. MP4 avi playback is ok as well and is smooth when doing forward search etc.

Anyone have a similar problem or am I the only one to buy one of these lol.


I've just noticed another thread where someone with a -107 and has the same problem.

This will be a flag in the freeview S/W, stupied company as I will now have to take it pack 4 a refund with is such a waste.

Makes me think how many other cheap tv are like this but the general public just doesn't notice.

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