Technika Freeview HD + Sony AV Receiver HELP!


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Hello all,

I could really do with some help. I've just bought a Sony AV Receiver, and I'm having problems already.

Simply, I cannot get an Image/Sound from my Freeview HD Box (Technika).

I've tried my PS3, and that works fine, but I've tried changing every setting in on the Technika box to no avail. I am using the same cables as the PS3, literally just swapping them over, and making sure the cable goes from the 'Game' port to the 'Cable/TV' port on the receiver (Although I have tried all ports incase any are dodgy).

The receiver can see that there is a HDMI cable in, because it says so on the front screen. When I switch the Technika box on / plug it in, the TV flashes green and there is a funny periodic buzz from the speakers.

Connecting the Technika directly to the TV is fine, as I have been doing so for months.

Any clues?

Thank you!
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