Technika DVD 105 plays CDG discs.



The Technika DVD 105 A really cheap DVD player available from Tescos (but not on the web site)for just £24.99 plays CDG discs with graphics for Karaoke although no where is it advertised that it is capable of this feature.

I found this out by accident and considering that DVD/CDG players are rareish and more expensive this could be a good back up machine for a semi pro.
It doesn't have mic sockets or Key change but as quite a few semi pro KJ's use external units this isnt a problem.

You make this DVD player multi region by

1) switching on the player by the remote
2) Open the tray by the remote
3) while the tray is open get close to the machine with the remote
NOW THIS IS THE HARD BIT you have to press the sequence really quickly so practise before trying so that you know the sequence

press the numbers 34 97 34 0

The 0 at the end makes the machine multiregion and "region full" will appear at the top of the TV screen's if you get it right .
If you want to select a specific region instead of all press the region number at the end of the sequence instead of 0.


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I tried that way and couldn't get it to work but tried this and it worked first time.
Turn dvd player on then open dvd draw from the dvd player (NOT THE REMOTE)
Then press up down up down 3497340, you do not have to be quick
with the numbers then you should see "region full" appear for a second or two.


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