Technika 32-250


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As mentioned in another thread, having purchased a 1080p lcd we seem now to have all sorts of odd questions related to getting the most out of our HD screen even though we appreciate that it is low end.

I have an odd question though specifically about the tv above. I've searched the forum and not found anything and would like to know if anyone else with one has experienced anything similar.

On the first day we had the tv, it switched channel from three to one on its own a couple of times. I realised that it changed to the same channel both times and did not occur until after the remote was used for the first time. We eventually put it down to sticky new remote buttons as it has not happened again since.

A Google search came up with a couple of passing comments about this from others with the set, and although one had drawn the same conclusion as us, another thought it to be much more random. Has anyone else any experience of this?


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I think mine does it too, but i'm not entirely sure of it and the circumstances in which it happens.

Its a bedroom tv so isn't used too much - it happened once watching football so I stuck the remote under a pillow and it didn't happen again. However it happened with my girlfriend and she said she had the remote under the pillow so it was the tv :facepalm:

Anyway doesn't happen very much, if it gets worse i'll try a ****** one4all remote and if that fails theres always returning it to tesco.

I think the tv is still a bargain despite this :thumbsup:


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Thanks Mmarkeh, I think we'll go the same way as ours is a less often used tv too. Totally agree btw, an absolute bargain .... and the panel quality appears excellent to me :)

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