Technics SH-GE70 Graphic equalizer

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After a good 20 years my Hi-amp has finally packed up.I'm looking to buy an Onyko TXSR605 amp but I just have a question.Is it worth incrorporating my old Technics SH-GE70 Graphic equalizer in my new set up?(I have a techincs cd player and a marantz cd recorder as well -all have limited connections).It seems technology has moved on a lot since I last brought some HI fi gear,graphic equalizers seem to have all but vanished

many thanks


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I'd thoroughly agree with this.

Graphic eq's were popular in the 70s' and were often used to cover up some of the excesses of systems.

In general if the system is good enough initially,you shouldnt need this sort of thing,and careful attention to speaker placement etc will remove a lot of room related problems.

Another point is that some of these can make the overall sound quality worse.


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As always, it depends.

Stereo: If you're using your graphic equalizer to correct for some serious room problems that you couldn't otherwise correct, then yes. If you're using your graphic equalizer because these were the sexy new thing to have back in the 70's when everybody thought they had to have one, although few people did or really knew why, then no.

The Onkyo 605 is a multi-channel device. Your graphic equalizer is a two channel device, so you'd only be able to correct two of the channels. Without correction of the centre to the room, it will sound awful.

IIRC, the Onkyo 605 has no pre-out / pre-in, so you wouldn't be able to connect your graphic equalizer anyway.


The 605 has Audyssey room EQ to counter any room problems automatically, and if you feel the need to tweak yourself, you ahve the bass and treble controls. This is more than you'll ever need.

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