Technics SCD290 Surround Sound?


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Hi I have had a Technics SCD290 for a few years now:

I realise it is getting a bit old, but I have rigged it up to my new LCD TV and when Im watching Dolby 5.1 DVDs I was just wondering if there is a way to turn up the surround sound independantly of the master volume?

Just seems a little quiet.

hi do you mean the volume of each speaker seperatley or the full system volume up even more. i do believe there is some sound options in the dvd setup menu for variouse things there might be like a system volume in there some where. other than that i suppose all thats left is fiddling round with the eq till you find one that suits. you can programme a personal eq. to do this just spin the eq multi jog dial till you find manual. then using the arrow keys in the centre of the multi jog you can select different amounts of bass and trebel and mid range sounds. i personaly gave up after trying for ages but my hearings a bit dodgy so i couldnt tell what was changing.

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