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I would like to ask if its worth getting DAC to my setup which contains older ( but golden ) HiFi system Technics SC-EH760 and Philips PUS8505 or MacBook? The thing is that when i listen to music or watch netflix/streams i get this (high pitched ) static noise and little bit of lets call it "hum noise" As you know SC-EH760 is pretty old system and when i got it it had alot of dust on/in it so that may be the reason it does noise? One more question came to my mind while writing this - is there any way to clean Technics HiFi from inside as mentioned above it had alot of dust in it? I cleaned it abit but there is still like "hard" dust.
Sorry for my english as its not my main language.

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The answer is yes as there is a real thing called MAC/DAC which means you use the USB output on your MAC and connect that to the USB input on it. The main thing is to make sure you get an asynchronous DAC which is the right one to use with computers. With the TV, just make sure you use an optical output from it to the DAC to

Settings for the TV need to be set to PCM/Stereo for an output.

Now I'm a little unsure why you get a hiss unless this is because you are headphone output which could answer it as you will be over driving the technics

Now depending upon your budget, it might be better to purchase a new Stereo amp if you are not using any of the other components which came with the SC-EH760 using something like the Yamaha A-U670. The only issue is that this small amp emits an optical connection, so Teac AI-301DA

Now if you want to keep things cheap and use your Technics gear, TV DAC and the iFi Audio ZEN DAC V2

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