Technics SC-EH60 & AV box & PS3 & Virginbox


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I'm after being able to use my surround sound (SS) with my PS3, TV & Virgin box please?

I have:

Technics SC-EH60 semi seperates system with 5:1 surround sound
Virgin v Box (willing to upgrade to HD box)
Video/dvd player (happy to bin this)

My current set up:

Video to semi seperates via scart lead to technics stereo, this means that I have to have the video on and tuned to the same station as the programme being watched & that I can't use the PS3 with SS

Can I buy an AV box and use/play all of the above through my seperates system (plus an additional I pod using an i pod dock) ?

I like the stereo system as it has a great CD multi changer and great sound so don't really want to get rid of it?

I checked with Richer sounds and they said it was possible and then that it wasn't and then that it was, it was very confusing!!

thanks in advance for any help/advice,



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Hi Gary

I've used the heaphone phone socket on my tv to connect to the VDP on my EH60 I've got an adaptor on the AUX to give me a 3.5mm socket for pc etc.

Hope that helps

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