Technics SC-EH 760 advice



I have the above component system, i had it for about 6-7 years, which sounds quite good, nowhere as near as my old Panasonic SAHD-52 though. I wish now, that i had paid the extra £50, and bought the next model up, that had the DVD changer.

My question is, is it possible to change the 5disc cd changer for the 5 disc dvd changer, or will the amp have to be replaced too, making it less than worthwhile? if it is possible to change the cd changer for the dvd changer, does anyone remeber the model number?

Thanks in advance.


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the dvd changer versions were:
sc-dv280/290 iirc
theres also the sc-dv790

Think you'll also need to change the main processor/amp bit too though as otherwise you won't get dolby digital/dts sound from the dvd player.

tbh i'd be tempted to flog what you've got (they get generally speaking, fairly decent money if well advertised) and get yourself something from the likes of Yamaha or Denon. Should sound better and be built better too (i always felt those Technics systems were a bit flimsy)

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