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Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by perry ferrit, Nov 20, 2001.

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    Technics DVD-A10 I have seen this dvd a/v player selling at techtronics for £300 thats £600 cheaper than when it was first available is player any good. I am thinking of upgrading from my sony 536 and i am wondering if the technics is a better machine.
    Is DVD audio any good through the A10 and what is picture quality like ???
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    I have recently bought this player from Techtronics (it comes with 3 free films and now a free personal CD player).

    Beware it's not £300.00 its £352.50 when you ad the VAT on see thread on Techtronics! Read before ordering I have added my comments and my experience.

    As for the player, it was my first player so I have nothing else to base my findings on, but in my opinion it's Awesome! It's been reviewed as 80% on TotalDVD but I'm guessing that's in it's retail bracket (other £900.00 machine are probably better) But when you buy it a the £300.00 mark - well IMO it's got to be up there with the best.

    The sound is fantastic and so is the picture, I'm very much a home user and I'm not a real enthusiast but also I buy the best that I can afford and I'm not disappointed.

    It's incredibly heavy for a player, it's build quality is very good, it's got all the outputs you could want and it's got a remote that you can play Star Trek with :D .

    DVD Audio is a bit of a gamble at the moment (Sony may have the strangle hold there with SACD), but even if it doesn't take off you will still have bought yourself a top quality CD player.

    The remote joystick is a bit fiddly and the pull down cover is going to get snapped off I can see it coming, but those are design issues. The VSS feature doesn't audibly do that much (better when listening through headphones) but the sound is clear and warm anyway and will only get better with a 5.1 speaker set up (I only have fronts at the mo). I watched Gladiator last night and the picture was superb across the range of bright Moroccan desert to dark flame lit stone cell.

    I'm pleased with my purchase, I'd recommend it.

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