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Does the fan say anything else on it, specifically Voltage. Likely this is a DC fan.

Determine the diameter and the working voltage, and get a computer fan replacement for it.

Most computer fans are either 12vDC or 5vDC.

computer fan - Google Search

Alternately, find a junked out Technics amp and scavenge the Fan.



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It's the one on thing where Maplin was very good.. best option now is to try the CPC farnell catalog.


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The most important things are ..
Physical size in mm . Location of any mounting holes, the voltage used to drive it. If you have access to a multimeter that is easy to determine.. the number of blades ideally will be the same as the airflow is determined by the area of the fan, the speed of rotation and the number of blades. Then look in the CPC farnell catalog.


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From what I can see on Google images, it's in a circular housing that clips into the rear panel. I suspect it's almost certainly proprietary. But there also appears to be plenty of space inside to mount a box fan & drill mounting holes in the backplate. Here's another source of fans.

But interestingly, according to that service manual, the fan was only fitted to models intended for GB & Switzerland. The rest of Europe didn't get a fan. Now given that Europe operates on the same voltage I can't think why specifically GB & Swiss models only would require a fan. Anyone else?

So as long as you have decent circulation around the amp it may not be necessary & can simply be disconnected. Obviously at your own risk & you need to monitor how hot the case gets.


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The case got extremely hot and the amp kept cutting out, so thats what made open it up......just to see that the fan had stopped working.

I have tried CPC, and they cant help......never thought that this would difficult to find a replacement.

Even contacted techincs, who then gave me a contact number.......who then said they couldnt help.

Close to banging my head off a wall.

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