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So what are your thoughts on this preset, especially since it's been recently tweaked (see link below)

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This quote particularly intriguing
"Technicolor has identified an alternative white point that accounts for the difference in colour perception affecting all wide color gamut displays, including, but not limited to, LG OLED"

Does this go some way to explain why the oft recommended Warm2 white balance looks too warm on the other presets eg ISF, even though it measures very close to D65?

I'm used to a calibrated Kuro set to D65 but still my LG B8 looks too warm at warm2 but too cool at warm1 on ISF presets. Setting to TE preset looks about right.

Sadly I can't replicate TE onto other modes (mainly due to differing WB presets), which means I can't have a similar for daytime viewing (ie just with slightly boosted gamma, brightness & OLED light)

I plan on calibrating soon but this begs the question, is setting WB to D65 best or use TE's tweaked white point as the target?

Often advice is to set WB to personal preference but this defeats the main objective of calibrating to me, particularly as this can effect the appearance of the whole colour gamut. I want to see what the director saw on their screen but appears that isn't as simple as targeting WB to standard D65 now
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