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Mrs AutomanUK

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I got a new laptop 3 weeks ago from PCworld. I got a Toshiba Satellite P100 -188 which has been lovely except the keyboard was doing my head in. I was beginning to doubt my own typing skills because every other word I typed it skipped a letter.

I got really fed up with this today, so I called the technical support line that PC world provided on the receipt. They basically laughed at me insinuating that my typing skills were clearly not up to scratch, which is probably what you lot are also thinking.......

I said that it was not user error because if you put your finger on one character and held it down, every 10-14 characters it would skip one. He said that his Toshiba does this too, and there is nothing I can do about it and that is that. Charming. He advised I took it back to PC world to get them to check it out.

I was backing stuff up and about to put the laptop back in it's box when Auto found a post on a forum where lots of other Toshiba P series laptop owners were also having this problem. Some had returned the laptops to the shop, others to Toshiba themselves and had a new keyboard put in. It didn't fix the problem. There was some genius who pointed us in the direction of the Toshiba website for a bios download which had become available at the end of July though, and I am so happy to say that this has fixed the problem !

I called the Tech support back and they were just as ignorant as before ! I said that I could not be the only customer to call with this complaint only to be told to like it or lump it !

Anyone out there with a Toshiba laptop that is misbehaving... try the bios download and it will make your day !!

Greg Hook

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Aah good old PC World technical support. :rotfl:

Sorry to hear of your problems and glad to see it is fixed. Did they ask you to restart the computer, then reinstall windows etc?? :rotfl: :rotfl:


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Good find.:thumbsup:

A proper tech support would ask a few cleverly worded questions to suss out your level of ability. Then, although they probably don't have the luxury of a test machine, would search the manufacturer knowledge base, which in this case would have yielded a result. If not, then a search on the web would be next. Having a decent raport with a customer really helps, as if the customer finds any info, they'll be more likely to feel like passing that info back to you. That said, they probably do have to put up with a fair few numpties. However frustrating, those users still have a right to a decent service, they're just more of a challenge. :D

However, most of these guys are first-line only, and work to predifined script. There's bound to be some decent techs, unfortunately you got through to box ticking drones.

And no, I'm nothing to do with PC World, or anyone connected with them.:D

Greg Hook

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Hey up that last reply looks more like a chat up line to me. :rotfl: Not sure Mr Automan UK would be pleased about that. :devil:

Mrs AutomanUK

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thank you all... keyboard is perfect thanks to this bios download. Just wanted to pass the word on to other Toshiba owners !!

Glad to hear things are better sean. PM me how things are going on with Dad

Mrs AutomanUK

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:rotfl: have you been taking some weird hallucinogen ?!! If anyone cares to interpret the above post, please enlighten me !! :rotfl:

( I live in Northern Ireland.. but am very much English... I don't speak any Gaelic whatsoever !!!)

Carl Stock

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We do need more women here, and I do not mean that in a negative way.

AV et al can come across as rather male-orientated at times.

Hope things get better, Sean. :)


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Mrs A,

Rule Number 1 when it comes to buying a new computer. NEVER buy a PC from PC World, or Curries, or Dixons. (They're all one and the same company, and all equally :censored:!)

Rule Number 2 when it comes to buying a new computer. NEVER EVER NEVER buy a PC from PC World, or Curries, or Dixons. (They're all one and the same company, and all equally :censored:!)

I think most AVForums users would agree with me on these rules! :clap: (With apologies to the writers of "Fight Club" for misappropriating their fine, quotable dialogue!)


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