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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by WicKeD, Jun 7, 2004.

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    Hello all,

    Been reading through these forums over the last few days and seen a lot of interesting (although sporadic) topics regarding Loewe sets.

    Having recently purchased a Loewe Aventos 3981 ZW I was surprised to learn of the possibilty of progressive scan capabilties of my new set and the plethora of video standards this set can accept the majority of which might as well be written in Greek for me because they're both as comprehensible.

    So I decided to make this post in the hope that someone can help clear a few things up for me.

    1. Am I to believe that Component Video is the highest quality Video standard available on this set?

    2. Is it true that this set can reproduce Progressive Scan images.. and if so by what means.. VGA add-on or through Component Scart?

    3. I've read that 480p, 480i and 1080i are possible.. Can anyone confirm/dismiss?

    4. At the moment I'm using a real Budget DVD player (BUSH DVD2020 ) :eek: however its pretty nifty for the £50 I paid for it, apparently the player can output YUV CVBS (erm whats that? :lesson: ) how do I connect this up to the set and is it any good over RGB.

    5. Finally, depending on the outcome to the above questions I'll be replacing my DVD player with a newer model and I'd appreciate some pointers on a device. If it is so that the Loewe set can accept Progressive Scan by some means which DVD player would be best used or maybe my PC would be better? if its not the case that a Stand-Alone DVD player progressive output can be displayed on my set. Whats a decent alternative My budget will be around £500 sound quality aswell as Video are equally important in the choice.


    TV: Loewe Aventos 3981 ZW
    Amp: Yamaha DSP-AX630SE
    Speakers: B&W 602S3
    DVD: BUSH DVD2020
    Digital TV: NTL:Home Pace Digital STB
    Games: XBOX!

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