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Tech question
Is there a way that you get a correct colour balance ?
i was watching attack of the clones tonight and i made the mistake of thiking "oh the faces look slightly out of focus, so i took the cover off of the crt and adjusted the focuss, but by mistake adjusted (as it was dark) the red astognostic, so the picture went red, well i turned it down and i am sure you experts will know the rest of the story all to well,
well i ended trying to balance all the 3 colours so much so Anakin had green eyes, and there was blue line round all characters,
well after a couple hours of fiddling round, i have managed to get it almost back to how it was, but i am still not satisfied with it,
so is there anyway of getting the right balance of blue,green,red ?
i have no test disk apart from the THX optimiser but you have to have the special glasses which i do not have,
i have tried various parts in the film to get it right, but it doesn't look right.

Any help would be appreciated


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Basically Matt , you need a colourimeter or such like to get it right (or a very good eye)

The basic problem is that the eye can quite rapidly adapt to chnages in overall colour, so when you are trying to set the colour balance you can't trust your eyes. There are techniques to help, but you'll never get it absolute - A few of us on these boards can get pretty close, but that's largely down to practice.

You could buy a colourimeter, they start around £1500, but you will still need some experience and understanding to get the best out of it.

The easiest way (on the brain and eyes at least) is to get someone with a meter and the understanding to do it for you - People like Roland at B4 and Gordon at Convergent AV have this kit and the skill to get it right.

I Hope this helps!

p.s. it might be nice to delete the duplicate thread, Ta.

Roland @ B4

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Turn the colour satuartion down to zero so that you have a completely black and white picture and adjust the colour balance so that it is completely neutral.

AOTC Region 1 is probably one of the worst transfers I have seen in a long while. I must confess to checking the focus with a test pattern.


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i have to agree with you Roland, ATOTC, is a terrible transfer,
mind you there is over 44 chapts which is amost 10 more chaps than usual,could it be the extra data ,
i have done what you said turned it to black and white and i have done it now, so thanx to you and the other person for your help,


Tim Cooper

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AOTC Region 1 is probably one of the worst transfers I have seen in a long while
AOTC looks mighty fine on mine; i thought the transfer was gorgeous, am i missing something?
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