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I have a number of blue cold cathode fluorescent tubes with which I was intent on using as ami-light/back lighting for my plasma. I have six wired in each with their own invertor. Each is 12v 400mA and the tube 180v - 800v. I am using 2 1200mA power supplies. When these are running I used an electric cable checker which seems to indicate a massive amount of electical current :) no surprise really. I have not placed the TV anywhere near this as yet as I am naturally concerned. I'm positive this would damage the TV (and any other electrical goods near to it) so I want to shield the cables and invertors. I've tried holding rubber mats and various other materials to shield but they 'seem' to have no effect - in fact the only thing which seems to stop the checker bleeping is my hand :eek: Any advice on shielding material would be gratefully received and of course having shielded the cables and invertors would the cathode tubes themselves be an issue? An expert's advice is desperately needed :lease:

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