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Teac V Denon dilemma?


Active Member

I have been reading this site for as long as i can remember, and signed up not to long back, and thought i would make my first post :)

4 weeks ago i bought two things, firstly, i bought a Teac 700 (receiver and 3ch amplifier)

Secondly i bought some Mission fs2 speakers.

I heard the Teac in a shop, and was blew away and thought it was excellent. I also demoed the fs2's at a shop and thought they were pretty good.

However, since i got them home, the sound seems rather brash, and doesn't seem to be very warmly, i know it takes a long time(100 hours) for the fs2's to be bedded in, but it was a big let down.

I am now considering buying a Denon of some sorts, maybe the 2805?

Will buying the Denon be a lot better than my Teac? Or is my problem the speakers i have? (i also plan on changing my 28" widescreen for a Panasonic Plasma in a few months)

Any advise very welcome and apreciated. :)




Standard Member
Russ, Can't comment on the speakers, however spent 3 months reviewing Plasma screens. Panasonic make great screens. I had it down to two manufacturers in the end, Panasonic & Pioneer depends on what size you want & budget.

In my view the Pioneer is a far superior screen + the new digital models either the 435XDE or 505XDE are fantastic, easy to set-up, brilliant colours & great connectivity with the media box which gives you a single cable solution back to the screen.

I wanted a 50” model & therefore went for the Pioneer but it was a tough call against the Panasonic.

Cheers cw.


Active Member
Hi, i have about £1800 on the top isde for a plasma.

I see on Av sales, they have 3 in the price range, all panasonics, the TH-42PW7B, TH-42PWD7BS, TH-42PWD7BK. I think the difference between the last two is that one is silver and the other black, but the first one, why is that slightly more expensive?

I currently have sky which i hope to use as the tuner, would this be acceptible?
Then all i have is my DVD, and video player to add, so 3 things in total.

Would having the BNC board, which has Component/SVHS/Composite all in one be enough to connect everything? Is there anything else i would need?

Thanks, for the reply, i was going to make another thread on the plasma, but maybe i won't need to :)

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