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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Simon440, Jan 20, 2001.

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    I have just bought a TEAC AV-H500D, to drive the Dolby Digital O/P (5.1ch???) from My SHARP DV-560 DVD Player... (Yes, I know now)

    I have a SHARP 76EF-20H WideScreen TV. Which to begin with I was really pleased with, but After seeing (&hearing) a friends Toshiba Widescreen TV was dissapointed with the Sound Quality from my TV's 5 speakers, there is not enough bass & the Rears are very crackly and mono - is this due to the TV being Dolby Surround and not true Dolby Digital? (I have to have the DVD set to 2ch as if I set to 5.1ch I lose front L & R o/p).

    The DVD player has a digital optical out, but the TEAC AV-500D does not have a optical in (I bought 3 pairs of Gold Phonos to connect the 6 speaker o/p from DVD to the new AMP - at a cost of £25 ea), I was also offered a Yamaha Amp in the shop for the same price as the TEAC - £349, which did have an optical i/p. But they sold me on the TEAC as the music quality is said to be better.

    My question is this - should I have gone for the Yamaha, (Sorry, I can't remember which model it was), as what I want is to boost Movie Sound capability of my system? After All, I have a Stereo for listening to Music.

    Which would sound better?
    How much would the Optic link cable be?

    I went for the TEAC for space limitions & also purchased the TEAC 6 Speaker pack to match, for £329.

    Will the TEAC have other i/p's from my video, Sky Digital Box?

    I wish I had come to this site before purchasing, but its not too late delivery not til Thurs.... So please I need your help!!!

    I can c what u mean when you say u only know what is best when you've heard the rest, but really all I want to do is scare the Girlfriend when the Helicopter comes from behind her left ear in James Bond!!!

    This is my first venture into Home Cinema so don't be too hard on me...

    Kind Regards
    User: Simon440

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