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James ONeill

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hi all,

I'm hoping someone here will be able to help! I have a TEAC T-H300DAB tuner that doesn't respond to the remote control. Usually I'd not worry too much about that, but with this tuner it's much easier to switch between stations via the remote than the on-unit buttons and knobs, so I'd like to fix it.

Firstly, I've checked the remote control and that is working fine. I have three of these tuners, and the remote works fine on the other two, so it must be the unit itself that is faulty.

I'm assuming the problem will be with the sensor itself, rather than anything else in the electronics, so as IR sensors are not expensive I thought I'd try to find a replacement. I'm competent enough with a soldering iron, and have replaced components on other circuit boards successfully in the past, so I figured that this would be a fairly straight forward repair job, but am by no means an expert. However, I'm having trouble identifying exactly what component I should be looking to purchase as I can't find anything that matches the (limited) inscription on the existing sensor, and I've not found anything that details what spec TEAC use for their IR remote controls.

I've attached a couple of pictures of the existing sensor, one in its housing and one where I have removed the housing so that I can see the sensor itself. The sensor itself has "4M JAPAN 2" and "L363" marked on the back.

My best guess so far would be for something like this:

but of course, they come in various different specifications including differing carrier frequencies and pin ordering and this is where I am unsure what I need. Can anyone help identify an equivalent part to the original, or perhaps help with knowledge of the carrier frequency and pin ordering?

The service manual for this tuner gives the part number as KRVHIM602H32 but a quick internet search doesn't show up anything relevant.

thanks everyone!



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Just a thought but the Teac was a part of a micro component system withatching amps and other sources available. Do you also have any of the other matching components, like the amp for example? There's a control connector which allows the amps remote to control the tuner of its connected. Could be a workaround or at least worth trying if you can.
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James ONeill

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Thanks Jamie, yes it's part of a matching system, but for some reason the tuner isn't very well integrated, so the remote interconnector doesn't actually do anything, as it does for the CD player, for instance. I don't know if it's because it's the (relatively rare) DAB version - the regular AM/FM only tuner may work better, but it has always been an oddity with this set-up.

Another reason I'd like to get the tuner remote working!


Is there nothing on the remote PCB that might point you in the right direction in terms of carrier frequency?

James ONeill

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I don't think so, but I'm no expert - I've attached a picture of the pcb, what do you think?


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James ONeill

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good idea though. I'll give it a week or so to see if anyone knows this (admittedly somewhat obscure!) bit of information, then I might buy a donor unit to take the part from. You can pick up a tatty non-DAB version of this tuner for not a lot, so that might be the best solution.

James ONeill

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actually, a bit more research leads me to think that the non-dab version of this tuner doesn't have its own IR sensor, so would have relied on the remote interconnector and the system remote. So that kills the option of cannibalising a cheap non-dab unit for parts... oh well.

But it does support the evidence that the dab tuner isn't well integrated, such that they needed to fit the units with their own IR circuitry and provide a separate remote.

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