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Teac Reference 250 DAB



Hi All. Have bought a Teac Reference 250 DAB and am very happy with sound quality. However the system firmware seems a bit flakey. E.g. If I'm listening to the radio, and press a 'number' button on the remote, it should change presets. Sometimes it does this, but other times it fires up the cd and plays the appropriate track number. Also the radio preset system itself seems to store random presets when storing others. E.g. I tried to save radio 5 on preset 5, and found that it had saved it on preset 5 and also preset 1 as well!! Sometimes the preset storing system just won't save presets until you've done the same (correct as per the manual) operation 4 or 5 times. Has anyone else had this sort of experience, or have I just got a dud. Cheers,



Distinguished Member
I have the same unit. Haven't had the same experience with presets but we have had the devils own job trying to work out how to set them and use them from the front panel. It doesn't help that the CD Eject button does a restore of channels if you're in DAB mode. I can't seem to get the 'tidy channels' option to clear up the ? station names in the list but I'd put this all down to being too lazy to read the manual properly and therefore user error.


Active Member
I have not had any of these problems with mine.
The first one had to go back as the DAB scrolling info would cease half way through a sentence. I contacted TEAC (why no email address?) and they said it was faulty and to take it back, which I did.
I agree that the process of storing the preset buttons is not intuitive, until you have done it a few times. I also agree that the Auto Tuning button being the same at the CD drawer open/close button is daft.
The thing that really annoys is that RDS defaults back to frequency regardless of what is was on when the unit was switched off.
Having said that I think that it is a great little unit, and I really love the DAB stations. The Arrow is just the station for an aging hippy like me!

jase the space

Standard Member
I know this an old thread but I thought I'd tack on the end of it rather than create a new one...

Just bought one of these babies and I have a few grumbles:

1) No display when in standby - couldn't we have a dimmed clock (or at least the option)?

2) By mistake I pressed the Timer button while the unit was in standby. This turned the timer on (default to come on at 0000 and go off at 0100) but there was nothing to indicate this because the display is totally off when in standby. Anyone noticed that they can turn Timer on/off when in standby but get no indication of state of Timer until you turn unit back on? Surely this is a S/W bug.

3) Dimmer defaults to off everytime you go in/out of standby which is a pain. Also if you have the dimmer on and you cycle through the times back to 00 on the Sleep Timer, the dimmer goes back off! Another bug!

I have S/W V1.7.2 BTW. I know this has changed at some point as the one in John Lewis was V1.6 (I haven't tested these bugs on that though).

Anyone else see these or have a more recent S/W version that maybe fixes them. Where do we get F/W updates?

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