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I own a TEAC Reference 300 Hi fi with B&W DM303 bookshelf speakers, sometimes i am finding the sound too forward and bright for my liking (prefer a smoother treble) and wondered if anyone would put that down to the speakers or hi fi? as i have heard the cd player on the reference 300 was a bit of a let down??

I am using QED QUNEX 2 interconnect to connect the amp to the cd player and QED Silver Anniversary XT cable for amp to speakers.

Just after advice really as i was looking and changing my B&W speakers for some Mission Floorstanders M73/M33i but don't really want to do this in vein.

Please help


hi hebda...

I have had the same problem with the Teac ref 300 cd player

i Have recently changed my teac ref 300 (mk 2)cd player (sold it on E-Bay)basically becuse the treble was terrible.. it made my ears fall off!!! this was a replacement for a MK 1 version which sounded much easier on the ears (it went faulty).

The treble was so bad (harsh & coarse)on the Teac Mk2 ref300 cd player that some discs were unlistenable. my solution was to buy a new cd player (NAD c345 bee) the difference was astonishing... it transformed the system and I am still using the Teac ref 300 amp to drive every thing...

I am unfamilliar with your speakers but i will bet its the Ref300 cd player thats the problem.

hope this helps



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Hi Jotaboy

Thanks for the reply, yes i found one review of this system in T3 saying that the CD player was a disappointment i just cannot believe how bright it does sound, especially compared to the Teac DAB radio.

Looks like it could be a change of system then as i really wanted a matching CD player and i have no chance matching even with a MKIII Teac cd seeing as they have changed the colour.........

Thanks for your help
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