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TEAC H300 with Castle compacts

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by squallleonh, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. squallleonh


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    Im looking to buy a small stylish system with reasonable sound quality. I had a play with a TEAC H300 system at comet (not sure what speakers they were hooked upto) and it sounded a lot better than any of the other mini systems ive heard.
    So my question is, are the castle compacts going to make the best of this system? and could you recommend some decent speaker cable and interconnects?

    many thanks.
  2. 337GUS

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    Nov 1, 2000
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    NE Scotland
    The Teac is well regarded, an alternative would be a Denon system which I think have 2 years warranty rather than 1. Both should drive the CC3 system ok but imho I'm not sure think they will do it full justice.

    Have a look at your local HiFi specialist, they may be able to dem the Teac or Denon with the Castles. Would be interested in your opinion if you do get a dem or purchase as I am looking to replace my Kef Eggs Mk1 with something a bit better and I have been thinking of using the CC3 package along with their dipoles as the rear sides.

    Moving upmarket the Linn Classik Movie would be woth a listen as would the higher end Teac Legacy 800. Also there are stylish slimline systems from Pioneer (501) and Denon (770) which have matching DVD players and Amps which would be worth a look, potentially this gives you a more flexible and feature rich system with DVD-A and SACD as options along with the latest sound formats such as PLII.

    This is a good site to have a look round with lots of options such as full Pioneer DVD /Speaker packages DV1000 etc www.avland.co.uk

    General rule of thumb for cables is 10% of budget and an often recommended company is QED, Silver Anniversary speaker cable and Qunex interconnects. I like the Chord range of cables, maybe Rumour speaker cable and Cobra interconnects. A lot of dealers let you borrow cables, some say they hear a massive difference others that they all sound the same and it's all a marketing ploy to part us from our dosh :)





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